What helps species survive?

What helps species survive?

Biodiversity is the variety of life - past, present and future. Today there are estimated to be between 5 and 50 million species of plants and animals. Scientists have discovered and named less than 2 million of these. The variety of life is truly wonderful.

Britain is home to a great variety of wildlife and to 60 million people. People have influenced the amount and variety of wildlife for thousands of years by hunting, changing the landscape and by introducing plants and animals from other parts of the world. Nearly 500 hundred species of animals and plants have disappeared from Britain in the last 200 years, but there are still thousands of different species living here.

What factors help species survive?

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Things to think about

  • What features do different species have which help them live in particular environments, find food and avoid being eaten or killed?
  • How do species cope with changes in their environment?
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